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Laboratory of Nanobiotechnologies

The laboratory was set up in 2008 for the purpose of developing new biocompatible nanomaterials and electronic devices for investigation and control of biological processes. The laboratory mainly focuses on:

  • Development of multielectrode electronic biosensor devices based on semiconductor and metal nanoheterostructures with microfluidic life support systems for robotical applications in medicine
  • Research and development of quantum-dot-based semiconductor lasers for photodynamic therapy without photosensitizers, research of spectral and colour characteristics of LED lighting to enhance the quality and contrast imaging of biological tissues;
  • Development and structural studies of new drugs through molecular dynamics, X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy; development and biological evaluation of high power nanobiotehnological devices based on siRNA and applying PCR technology, flow cytometry and laser confocal microscopy;
  • Computer modeling and experimental research in thermodynamic and kinetic parameters of organic and inorganic molecules association-dissociation through surface plasmon resonance and atomic force microscopy.
  • Intracellular visualization of small interfering RNA by laser confocal microscopy Structure and function modeling of transmembrane channels by molecular dynamics. Multielectrode bioelectronics interface combined with in vitro microfluidic cell life support system.

    The laboratory is aimed at the development of theoretical framework and new drugs and diagnostic devices based on nanobiotechnologies, the study of biocompatible nanomaterials, nanodrugs and new physical methods of targeted influence on the basic physiological and pathological processes in the human body.